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Floor Gratings | Noving s.r.o

Floor Gratings

Floor gratings consist of bearing rods and connecting rods.

Expanded sheet gratings | Noving s.r.o

Expanded sheet gratings

Expanded sheet is the mesh structure created by cutting and expanding a metal sheet.

Spiral flight | Noving s.r.o

Spiral flight

Spiral flight (spiral stair) is produced for outdoor using according to customers' wishes.

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Steel structures | Noving s.r.o

Steel structures

We deal with the complete engineering and the supply of steel structures from design and production to assembly.

Designs and static evaluations | s.r.o

Designs and static evaluations

We provide engineering based on sw AutoCAD, Advance Steel, Scia Engineer (ESA PT).

Inspections of steel structures | Noving s.r.o

Inspections of steel structures

We offer inspections of steel structures according to ČSN 732604, ČSN ISO 13822, ČSN 732601 standard.

The other services | Noving s.r.o

The other services

We supply also poles and masts, castellated girders, composite steel and concrete structures, CNC cut shapes.

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Floor gratings, steel structures from Noving

NOVING ltd. provides development, design, realisation of the steel structure and floor gratings since 1992. The quality of our products and services are assured by the system of quality according to ISO 9001. NOVING ltd. has been engaged for a long time in the custom production of welded, pressed and stainless floor gratings according to DIN 24 537, stair treads according to DIN 24 531 and spiral flights and expanded metal gratings. Our team of qualified and experienced engineers ensure designs, static evaluations, inspections and realisation of the steel structures and bridges. NOVING ltd. has received awards for steel structures - "The European Award" and "The Built CAD project of the year". Our company use modern software and equipments for the computer modelling and analyses of the steel structure.
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